Some departures occur when already on a journey.
Creating an object, the materials, the touch, the right measures have a history of experience and ideas forever generating something new, suspended in progress,
though its form may apparently be fully shaped.

Moneo is an open-ceiling room.
A passageway of corners and lengths.
Another glance up to the sky.
And the perspective has changed.


The initial formula.
Moneo is born in the right year for a good idea and the sharing of a concept close to reality. Bruno Cavani and Mattia Goldoni are friends living in the same town. Modena is a corner of the world with strong roots in its history, where ideas circulate among ambition and a love for beautiful things.
The friends share this location and an ideal of simple, well-made design, while striving for courage and innovation.
The Moneo clothing brand originates from friendship and a common goal to make itself heard, a new sound not just an obvious echo.


Moneo was not born in Italy, but in Emilia. Bruno selects every single material, by preciousness and technical characteristics, thus ensuring excellent print quality. The brand is produced in Carpi, whose unique history and experience hold the door ajar onto the future: the items are cut, embroidered and tailored in this district of Emilia, where they undergo laundering and ironing tests for best possible final results.

A journey which exacts time and precision but grants instants of perfection.
Moneo is a personal dimension, furnished with human variables, especially during the production cycle: each item is different from the other, since handicraft can allow itself the subtle variations granted by the human hand.
Beauty and Perfection do not coincide in Nature, error is the color of matter.

Let your eyes be ‘dirtied’ by errors, the production process imperfections make Moneo a great place to live.

Let your eyes be ‘dirtied’ by errors, the production process imperfections make Moneo a great place to live. Everyone likes well-finished products, we don’t like the word everyone. Each with his own story, with his own fleshly flaws and bright-eyed look: Moneo does not choose models, it has its own people and just meets them, smiles and flashes.
Different physical make-ups, contrasting characteristics of common people, extraordinary in that they choose to be themselves. Moneo likes to be worn by them.